Sonic Runners Adventure – Fast Action Platformer

Sonic games have been a part of a lot of people’s childhood. The fast 2D platforming of the sonic games is what made it an instant classic. Collecting coins, making the sickest of jumps, and clearing level after level made everyone who played Sonic fall in love with it. The first few games were so good, they haven’t been surpassed even today.

In the world of smartphones that we live today, Sonic Runners Adventure APK comes in as an attempt to try and bring that experience to mobile phones. But does it succeed? It is actually the sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Sonic Runners’ from 2015. Does it live up to its predecessor? Can it replicate what made that game really fun to play?

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As far as the visuals are concerned, Sonic Runners Adventure does a pretty decent job. The game is in 3D graphics even though it is a 2D platformer which makes the entire thing more enticing.

Your favorite hedgehog also looks fantastic and the environments themselves are beautiful, to say the least. The animations are fluid and befitting of any sonic game. There are also sharp changes in camera angles which make the action even faster.


There is not much to comment on as far as the sound design is considered. The famous clinging sound when you collect coins is still here along with everything else.

While there is no voice acting for the characters which may be a bit disappointing for some fans, everything else makes up for it. The feeling of whooshing around the levels and the sound it makes all makeup for it.

Sonic Runners Adventure Gameplay

The gameplay of Sonic Runners Adventure Android is where the game is actually at. All the Sonic games are known for the breath-taking speed at which your beloved blue hedgehog runs around the different levels and completes them. This game is no different in terms of its approach. The ecstasy of speeding through each obstacle is what makes this game extremely high octane and fun to play.

The platforming itself is smooth and very easy to pull off. With a few taps on the screen, you will be making the sonic jump and glide all over the place. Collecting the coins is what makes this game so much fun to play. There is plenty of replayability here simply because of this very reason. If you are a perfectionist, you will find this aspect of the game very enjoyable, to say the least.

There are also plenty of new locations and characters to unlock in Sonic Runners Adventure Android. Your favorites like Tails and Knuckles are all here and all unlockable simply by playing the game. Each of them has their own abilities and each of them provides a much different experience than the other. There are also upgrades to be made to each character and their abilities. All of these combinations make for a Sonic game that will well and truly be remembered for years to come.

You can also download the game from Google Play. (Paid)

How to download and install Sonic Runners Adventure APK on Android for Free

  1. Click on the below button to start downloading Sonic Runners Adventure Apk.
  2. Select OK and this will initiate the entire download process.
  3. After the download process will be over, the gamer shall be taken to the installation page of the game.
  4. Select Install and the android device shall complete the installation process.
  5. Enjoy playing the Sonic Runners Adventure APK on your Android device!

Final Verdict

Feel the need for speed with Sonic Runners Adventure. Sonic Runners Adventure for Android has all the original features. Download it now and see it for yourself. The .apk file is easy and free to download. If you encounter any problems with the install, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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