Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

All You Need To Know About The Wonderful Game Rising Storm 2 Vietnam APK! Spending your leisure hours playing a wonderful adventure game is a good option. Downloading these games and playing them is not a hard thing. Most of the world is accustomed to using mobiles and tabs.

What is Rising Storm 2 Vietnam APK all about?

The game Rising Storm 2 Vietnam android allows intense adventure, as well as the action of about sixty-four players in the,  battled that happen between the teams of South Vietnam and North Vietnam.

South Vietnam has the US and with them, their allies and North has regular, general unit forces in the army. Additionally, you have guerrilla warfighters too belonging to National Liberation Front. People love to play this game since this game belongs to the generation next series of games and also has been awarded Multiplayer Game of the year twice.

The world of Vietnam is all about automatic rifles, portable launchers of grenade, and many more future weapons. The look and feel of this game are absolutely authentic. One gets the flavor of handling real-life weapons.

Major properties of this Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Android

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Android game has some unique properties. They generate very strong support for this game. The game is being updated several times. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Android provides features such as:

  • One of the most unique player games offering a sixty-four player battle.
  • Player gets to have six vivid armies to play with each having their own abilities and carrying their own weapons.
  • A player is backed by the United States Army as well as Marine Corps, North Vietnamese Army as well as National Liberation Front and also Australian Army.
  • A player can choose to have more than fifty weapons that have almost everything starting from rifles to pistols to rocket and grenade launchers.
  • There are four flyable helicopters in the team namely-Cobra, Loach, Huey, and Bushranger.
  • You have more than twenty maps and three different modes of the game.
  • Warfare is completely asymmetric with VC traps and tunnels against US chopper and napalms.

Power of Southern Vietnamese forces

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Android game has Southern forces. The forces have their own firepower and system mobility with themselves. Each and every army has a unique supporting system of arms. The Player has the US Army or Marine Corps. They are supported by gunship and strikes of napalm. Not only that they have airburst artilleries too.

The Australian forces have proper pairs of Canberra bombings and some heavier artillery. The ARVN has a barrage of medium mortar and strikes of napalm generated from some older A1 Skyraider.


How does a helicopter support them?

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam apk game depends mostly upon their upgraded helicopters. For system mobilization they get full support of their helicopters:

  • Helicopter Huey helps in the proper transport of the team squad all across the map.
  • Loach helps both as a spotter as well as airborne post command. It also acts as a powerful gunship. It has several small guns.
  • Helicopter Cobra is a strong-armed gunship. It has enormous firepower helping a pilot as well as a weapons officer.
  • Bushranger that is generated from Australia has dual machine guns. Each of them is M60origins and also some rockets.

Thus, playing this game will only help you apply your creativity and adventure spirits fully into the game! Enjoy playing Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Android!

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How to download and install the Rising Storm 2 Vietnam APK on Android

  1. Click on the below button to start downloading Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Apk.
  2. Select OK and this will initiate the entire download process.
  3. After the download process will be over, the gamer shall be taken to the installation page of the game.
  4. Select Install and the android device shall complete the installation process.
  5. Enjoy playing Rising Storm 2 Vietnam APK on your Android device!

Final Verdict

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam for Android has all the original features. Download it now and see it for yourself. What are you waiting for? Start playing Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Apk!

The .apk file is easy and free to download. If you encounter any problems with the install, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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