The Wonder Weeks vs 9

The Wonder Weeks vs 9 Apk is quite simple to use. Parents sometimes find it tough to manage the growth of their children. To monitor the physical as well the mental health of the small kids, personalized calendars are prepared keeping in mind the way the child is behaving, what the need to grow, and so on. Details are fed into the application about the information of the children. Notes can be added as well.

The parents can set milestones. This is a special feature in the application. Other significant data can be put as well. This can be the sleeping duration and pattern of the child, the favorite toys with which the child plays, the phase in which the child gets fussy, and the anchor moments can be recorded. Such important information helps in preparing a personalized calendar for that particular child for many months. The leaps with which the child is growing and improving can be observed. The monitoring of the child can be recorded and observed every week.


This application helps the parents around the globe to maintain a calendar to help their kids in a better way. This calendar is prepared on per day basis. Domus Technica provides this application and it comes in the category of Health and Fitness in the list of applications. The Wonder Weeks vs 9 apk application is awarded as the coolest application for mothers. Moreover, Apple awarded the Wonder Weeks vs 9among the top ten applications in the year 2016. It also won the Consumer Choice and Gold award by Mumli. This application has been in the top 25 rankings for health and fitness in most of the countries around the world. These awards were provided just because of the benefits it provides to the parents while handling their kids.


There are many crucial features of this application that help parents to let their kids grow in a better way.

  • With the help of this application, the parents use the calendar to see when and how much leap does the child makes in his/her mental development.
  • This also helps parents to know what all does the baby understands and this is done after learning his/her mental leap.
  • Another important feature is that parents can know what are things the kid can do after observing the leap.
  • It also helps the parents to know what all can they do for their kids.
  • This application also serves as a reminder to the parents that when and how are the brain of their kid is changing.
  • E-books and HD baby monitor are there to help the kids. Moreover, there are audiobooks for the comfort of the kids. Soothing music and unlimited content are also there for the kids.
  • How to download and install The Wonder Weeks vs 9 APK on Android

    1. Click on the below button to start downloading The Wonder Weeks vs 9 Apk.
    2. Select OK and this will initiate the entire download process.
    3. After the download process will be over, the gamer shall be taken to the installation page of the game.
    4. Select Install and the android device shall complete the installation process.
    5. Enjoy playing The Wonder Weeks vs 9 app on your Android device!


Wonder Weeks vs 9 apk is a good take for the parents. This application has been highly appreciated by the users. This application has several features to help the parents monitor their kids most effectively. The awards that this application has one are also proof of the effectiveness of this application.

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