How to Secretly control your remote Computer/Android

Are you looking for a way to completely use your computer and your Android without actually touching them? If yes, then follow along this post..

In today’s post we will see how to – Completely mirror your Computer and your Android to any remote device and control it from there. But before we jump into actual tutorial let see when this workaround can be actually useful in some practical situation.: Well the possibilities are endless, for instance If you have multiple computer on your home or office, then you use this workaround to have completely control on all of them, from just one device.

This is useful to monitor misuse of your computer or android. for instance if you are parent who fear that your child is misusing their device then this workaround will help to monitor them and the best part is that, the suspect won’t even have a clue, that their activity is getting monitor on remote computer. And lastly if you like me, if you are couch potato like me, who hate to reach out for his while sitting in front of PC. Then you can use this workaround, to send/receive calls or even whatsapp messages on your android phone directly from your computer. Now some of you may be thinking, what’s new in this. All this things can be done with help of team viewer. Well you are right? Teamviewer is actually an awesome application. But the problem with that is, you need two people, one who sends username and password and other who enter it in his application for authorization. But in practical situation we don’t have two people. for instance if you want to access your PC or if you monitor a person using your android or PC then you will be only be using one person.

And teamviewer is not useful. And this what make this workaround special.. So without any further due, let’s get started- Let start with the first part ie. how to remotely access your computers This video assume, that you have google chrome already install, but if you haven’t then go ahead and install it. Now to get started, open up your google chrome and head over to chrome store. Here you will have to install an extension from google called ‘chrome remote desktop’. Since you are running the app for the first time, you will need to authorize it by clicking on continue. If you’re logged in to multiple Google accounts, then choose one that you want to use, and accept the basic terms & condition.

To Enable ‘remote connections’ for this computer, click on ‘get started button’ under my computer menu. After that you will be asked to to enter a pin, that will be use for authorization.. Enter any 6 digit no. of your choice and click on OK. Next you will need to download a server on this computer, that will help to mirror its screen to remote computer. But since I am using this service from a long time, this means that I have already downloaded the server, therefore I will skip this step. And that’s it,now you have successfully install chrome remote desktop on your PC. However, the installation steps for mac is slightly different. Instead of entering reconfirmation pin in the browser, you will have to enter pin in the preference setting by unlocking the padlock. While the rest is same as PC. Now the installation is done, we are ready to access it from anywhere. ************* To access it from any ‘remote computer’ or ‘remote android ’, simply install its app from chrome store and Google play respectively. . Once you login to your account, you will see the list of computer that you have set up before.

Click on its name and enter the PIN and that’s it, you can access that computer without even touching it. However for this tutorial to work, it necessary for your remote computers to be turn ON and and connected to internet. And as you can see, now you have complete access to your other computer. If you are using it for monitoring session, then make sure to drag and drop this small reminder window out of the screen. With this workaround, you can copy text to clipboard, play video files on remote computer, remotely shut it down. So overall you can do pretty much everything, remotely. In part 1 we have seen, how to control a remote computer, and in this part will find the reverse of it. ie. how to control your android from remote PC. Well there are many ways of do it, but my favourite one is by using airdroid app called airdroid. It’s popular android app that connects your computer with your android, and lets you share files easily. But you will glad to know that, in its recent update, Airdroid has release an awesome feature for it’s desktop app, that lets you mirror your android screen.

So lets see how this is done. On you Android, head over to google play and download Airdroid app form it’s official website. The link to all important links will be in the video description. Once the app is install, you will need sign in. If you dont have an account, then feel free to create one. Since mirroring your android device require root access, you will need a rooted android. But hopefully in the upcoming version of android this limitation can be removed, like in android lollipop you can now record screen without rooting your device. But for now we don’t have much choice and will have to proceed with root access only. Once done, open your PC or MAC and download Airdroid desktop application from android’s official website. After the app is downloaded, go ahead and install it. The installation process is quite simple and usual. After launching, the app will prompt you to sign in. Use the same credentials that you have use in your airdroid android app. And once you do that, go to your profile and you will see your device listed there.

Click on that, it will start mirroring your android screen in real time. Unlike other apps like mobizen or mirror beta which only mirror your android screen, in android you can actually control it. for instance you can play game, reply to your whatsapp messages, make calls and pretty much do everything on your android without even touching it. And the best part is, there is no notification shown in the Android, that its screen is being mirror, which is make it ideal for monitoring it without the user consent. How cool is that ? Well this is all for now.



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