How To Download Movies for Free on Android Phone 2017

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If you have ever try to find out the best way to download movies for free on android, just stay tuned. You’re gonna get all your query solved here. Watching movies is fun but we often fail to get best resources to download movies on android phone. Either we have to compromise in the quality of the picture or we end of spending our hard earned cash. But today, the method I’ll show you is one of the best methods to download free movies for android.

You won’t have to pay anything to download the movies. Let’s find out what is the best method I’m talking about. Torrent is commonly known for downloading all type of file over the computer but very less number of people know that we can use the same method to get free movies on android as well. But we can’t download movies or any such file directly from the torrent. Rather, first we have to download the software which is better known as torrent client. Then only we can download movies using the same.

There are number of torrent clients out there like uTorrent, BitTorrent, tTorrent, Flud and lot more. The downloading procedure in almost all the software is same. We are going to cover here a torrent client called flud. Flud is the simple and a beautiful bit torrent client for android. It offers magnet link support, unlimited bandwidth, user-friendly interface and lot more features are there. Let’s see how to download this software and how to download movies from it. To download flud go to Google play store on your android and make a search for torrent in the search bar.

You’ll get a number of BitTorrent clients in the search results. Just click on Flud. You can go for uTorrent as well. The procedure for download is almost same. Alternatively, you can directly search for flud in the search bar. Once the torrent client is installed. You are ready to download the free movies on android. So let’s move to second part of the guide that is downloading movies. To download movies, we don’t have to go to the torrent websites. Instead, we can directly search for the movies right from the app.

Just go to the app by taping over his icon in the app menu. Now tap over the search bar and type the name of the movie you want to download. And then press the search button. You’ll be immediately redirect to the google search result. Now click on any of given results. I would recommend you to go for first link that is,you can see a list of movies link, just select the link with highest seeds in green.

As you can see, you have been provided with the list of websites which offers the same movies you have search for. Go for any of the websites. Now in the next page, you can see the download torrent button along with the movie info. Click on it and download the torrent file, click on save. Now open the downloaded file, it’ll be directly open in the flud software. You can see this information about the movies like its names, storage, path, size of the movie etc. Now to start downloading the movie, just tap over this plus sign on the top of the page. The movie will start downloading right away. You can see the movie is downloading or if you have already torrent file downloaded on your android. You can directly navigate through that file by taping over this plus sign. Now go to downloads and select the torrent file from here.

This was all about how to download movies on android. Hope you guys liked the post, don’t forget to read other interesting posts on our website.

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