Sonic Forces Android APK Game Download

We developed Sonic Forces game for android.Hope you will enjoy playing it on your android device.

Much like Sonic Team’s previous principal series name, Sonic Generations, the game will have 2 versions of Sonic the Hedgehog: Modern Sonic, as his revised type which was first created in Sonic Adventure, and Classic Sonic, the style showcased a lot more prominently in earlier Sonic video games for the Sega Genesis.In the game’s story, sequence antagonist Doctor Eggman has effectively conquered the planet, with his massive robotic sentries laying waste to urban areas to further the conquest of his, and the 2 Sonics, aided by an opposition pressure, should unite to conclude Eggman’s reign.Other figures, like Tails, Knuckles, Amy and also the Chaotix, will create non playable looks in supporting roles, providing advice and support to Sonic via radio reception.

Sonic Forces Android Game Version Download

Sonic Forces Android Game Download

Sonic Forces options related gameplay to that of Sonic Generations: Modern Sonic’s stages are actually based around three dimensional action that way of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors, with Sonic capable of using methods like boosting as well as the homing encounter, while Classic Sonic’s stages will have 2D sidescrolling gameplay much like the first Genesis titles. A presently unknown third playable character with the own gameplay style of theirs will additionally be featured.
Sonic Forces for android has all the original features.Download it now and see it for yourself!


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